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Immediately onboard your customers thanks to our KYC and Identity check mobile app

Create a customer profile thanks to a fully end-to-end automated process.

How does it work?

  • A QR code is generated on your website.
  • The customer scans the QR code with the Snaprove Easy application and goes though the identity check and the onboarding process on their mobile device with a predefined onboarding workflow.
  • When the client verification is complete, you receive the full customer file and the results of the AML screening.

Identity check and verification process can be executed on iOS and Android.

Build your ideal customer onboarding journey

Snaprove™ verifies the authenticity of the ID documents. Then, the identity check uses biometric facial recognition algorithms to allow the comparison between the customer selfie and the identity document photo taken from mobile phone camera.

Snaprove™ checks the potential implications of the user into money-laundering and terrorist activities and performs other checks required by AML/KYC regulations via a database search powered by Thomson Reuters.

The customer enters their residential address manually. The validity of the postcode is checked as well.

The user scans the proof of residential address and uploads it, then we check the name, address and other details of the document.

Snaprove™ checks the phone number of the user against blacklists to verify whether it is connected with suspicious activities and assigns a risk score.

The user enters their email and receives a code via email to verify ownership.

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