Digital onboarding and identity verification solutions

Identify your clients in the paperless world.
Know Your Customer. In minutes.

Snaprove™ is a digital onboarding that uses the latest technologies for a streamlined identity verification process and online authentication of customers while ensuring that all the mandatory checks keep you compliant with all regulatory requirements.


A set of services for financial institutions

  • Digital and paperless onboarding
  • Complete end-to-end white label solution
  • All technologies available according to your digital plan


Our ready-to-go solution

  • Plug and play solution to onboard your clients tomorrow
  • Compliant with European and international AML / KYC regulations
  • Branded and adjustable workflow


  • 1

    Digital paperless onboarding

    Collect and process your new customer paperwork via a fully digital workflow. Check the data quality, control and verify digital documents and get the customer file delivered right to your CRM or core banking system.

  • 2

    Complete end-to-end white label solution

    Implement your digital customised onboarding workflow within your mobile app or on your web page. Our SDK makes it easy to integrate with minimum development efforts needed from your side.

  • 3

    Full stack KYC and AML technologies

    Utilise cutting edge technologies for customer due diligence and identity verification. Computer vision helps to capture and analyse ID documents. Advanced biometrics, real time database scans, automated document controls, digital signature help enhance the overall security of the solution.

  • 4

    Compliance by design

    Ensure full compliance with regulatory requirements in every step of your workflow. Automatically generates complete customer files with all the data and evidence needed, ready for automated approval or enhanced due diligence.

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